Thursday, February 4, 2010

UW Worker Solidarity with Haiti

See flyer below made by IWSJ members. Worker Solidarity from Below!


On Jan 12th 2010, a disastrous earthquake hit Port-au-Prince, the capital of the Caribbean country, Haiti.

200,000 people have died and 3 million have been injured or affected.

Since then, racists like Pat Robertson have said that Haiti deserves the earthquake because they made a pact with the devil when they kicked the French colonizers out in 1804.

Since then, the US military has also occupied Haiti by sending 10, 000 soldiers to the country. A Newsweek interview with the President of Doctors Without Borders, a major aid organization, shows that the US military has blocked the arrival of planes carrying medicine supplies. In one hospital, the medical team was also kicked out. This has cost hundreds of Haitian lives. Why is it that the US military is preventing access to aid at the times when it is most needed?

We need to be together with Haiti. Haiti is a meaningful place for oppressed people. It is where the first Black slave revolt in the Americas took place. In 1804, Black slaves kicked out their masters, the French colonizers. They demanded freedom and dignity in their lives and workplaces.

This is an inspiring story for workers around the world.

The Haitian Revolution encouraged slave revolts in the US and independence movements in Africa. Our struggles are also a part of this long, proud international tradition of workers fighting together for justice, against racism.

We ask for donations to the Haitian people that will reach them in this time of crisis. All proceeds will go toward the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund.

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