Friday, January 21, 2011

High Schoolers Call for Walkout Against Police Brutality


Location: Victor Steinbrueck Park
2001 Western Ave. Seattle, WA
(North end of Pike Place Market)

When: January 26, 2011

Time: Walk out of your school at 1 PM; Rally all together at 2 PM at Victor Steinbrueck Park

Have you ever been harassed by a police officer for no reason? If you have or if you know someone who has, come and help us stop police brutality by walking out on January 26 at 1p.m. and rallying at 2.

John T. Williams is one of the victims of police brutality. He was shot 5 times by Officer Ian Birk for having a carving knife which was CLOSED. He was in the 7th generation of a Native American carving family. John T. Williams isn’t the only victim of Police Brutality; Martin Monetti was stomped on multiple times by cops who suspected him for robbery, they didn’t even know if he was really a robber. These two people aren’t the only people who have been through this; there are many more victims of police brutality. HELP US STOP THIS!

Organized by 90's Upheaval, a new group of youth fighting for justice!

People from every school, every hood, every gender, and every race are welcome to join.

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